Wind Mitigation Inspections

Frequently asked questions regarding Wind Mitigation Inspections

Consumers, Real Estate Professionals, and Insurance Agents have many questions about Wind Mitigation Inspections. We would like to take this opportunity to answer frequently asked questions:

What is the purpose of the Uniform Mitigation Verification Inspection?
My insurance agent told me that a 'Wind Mitigation' Inspection should only cost me about $75. Why do Inspectors charge more than that?
I have hurricane shutters for my home, but after obtaining an Inspection, I am not getting all the discounts for having them. Why?
How much in discounts will I receive after having the Wind Mitigation Inspection performed?
The seller of the home told me they recently replaced the roof, but my report shows something different. Why?
How do I prepare for a Wind Mitigation Inspection?

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