Need a wind mitigation inspection

We are the experts in Wind Mitigation. Having completed over 25,000 inspections in Florida. We were part of the original initiative back in 2006 when the legislature founded the My Safe Florida Home program.

Wind Mitigation Defined

Florida, including Tallahassee and the surrounding area, are subject to high winds, violet wind storms and hurricanes. These events can put your home and family at considerable risk. A violent wind storm can cause major damage or even destroy your home. Wind mitigating attributes such as hurricane clips, Florida Building Code compliant roof coverings, impact resistant devices and proper nail fasteners can help to protect and strengthen your home and to minimize the risk of catastrophic damage.

Why Get a Wind Mitigation Inspection

Florida Statute 627.0629(1) requires insurance companies to offer Florida homeowners "discounts, credits, or other rate differentials" for construction attributes that reduce damage and loss in a Hurricane or violent windstorm. A wind mitigation inspection verifies construction methods that create wind mitigation insurance discounts based upon those attributes.

Most existing homes have one or more wind resistant construction features and would qualify for insurance discounts. The cost of a wind mitigation inspection is easily recovered from even a smaller discount. More importantly, the inspection will identify any high risk issues to address in your homes ability to withstand heavy wind and storms.

Wind Mitigation Construction Techniques Include:

  • Florida Building Code Compliant Roof Coverings
  • Roof Deck Attachment
  • Roof to Wall Attachment
  • Roof Geometry
  • Secondary Water Resistance
  • Opening Protection

A Wind Mitigation inspection doesn’t cost…it pays!

The Benefits of having a Wind Mitigation Inspection

Tallahassee and the surrounding area are subject to high winds and hurricane risks each year. A major benefit of having a wind mitigation inspection includes knowing how safe your home is and what can be done to further strengthen it. If certain wind mitigating attributes are identified during the inspection a homeowner would benefit by a reduced annual insurance premium. By far, the most important benefit, is knowing that your home has protective features to keep you and your family safe during a wind event. The only way to insure that these features are present is through a professional wind mitigation inspection.

Why choose R.J. Lipton Engineering for your Wind Mitigation Inspection

We are licensed and insured and our team of highly skilled inspectors have conducted over 25,000 Wind Mitigation inspections in Florida. We were part of the original legislative initiative called the My Safe Florida Home Program back in 2006. As such, our experience and knowledge in the area of Wind Mitigation is unparalleled in the field. This knowledge and experience affords our clients the most accurate and professional inspection report and assurance that all wind mitigating attributes in the home will be identified so our clients can enjoy lower insurance premiums. Our mission is to provide, reliable, trustworthy and timely inspections to homeowners and insurance companies.

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